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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 21st December 2018: Post 03: SONY HiT-BiT -^- I am very sorry

SONY HiT-BiT - I am very sorry

I was somewhat distressed last year to find both my SONY HiT-BiTs
showing the scars of some scratching. Not sure if it was me or
the previous owner. I take photographs to check but in truth once
a scratch always a scratch. I have no intention of parting with
anything but it does upset me when I find damage. The thought that
I had done anything to harm the computers is something I struggle

I keep the computers covered and generally protected, but with the
moving around the computers are at risk. Face work is the worst
problem. That and damaging boxes.

So I captured a couple of HiT-BiTs that sat over a Win 98 monitor
and took some pics and checked if they were working. Thing about
the MSX machines is that they are so well made they generally are
a safe bet to work. Such a perfect specimen if you like MS BASIC.
The interface on the SONY is a bit odd.

I do show the Toshiba which I checked which tend to prefer.

SONY HiT-BiT - Strike 2

I definitely didn't do that !!!

How the printer port should look.

And the expansion port with cover in place.

Proving that there is such a thing as time travel.
Bit of a Zager and Evans moment

That is two that work.

As does the Toshiba MSX.

And yes this is a joystick. Seriously.

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