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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 21st December 2018: Post 04: SONY HiT-BiT - HB-101P

SONY HiT-BiT - HB-101P

Much better having the box with the computer. Not only means that
the computer itself is a lot safer but you can store all the
paperwork and books. This computer also benefits from having the
power lead tucked away inside the machine.

The unit was designed to be portable and has a handle to the bottom.
It is sleek and has great contouring. This is a work of art and
a computer that I just love photographing.

It is kinda puzzling why the MSX didn't absorb the home computing
market. Having seen what Japanese motor bikes did to the British
bike industry it is puzzling why a machine that was so well made
and designed didn't make it big. There really is very little
fault with any of the MSX machines. They were well ahead of their
time in terms of design.

I give you the SONY HiT-BiT - HB-101P probably the best computer
that I have which I have no interest in actually using. Maybe
that's the problem. Dull as soup... nah, it's not as bad as an
Apple computer. Poor thing. I do like the Toshiba though. I do
have one out all the time and do have a play. But then it has
the old joystick.

Sorry to bad mouth the Apple. [ no you're not ]. Stop it. Thing
is I can't have Apples here. They just don't like chaos and an
uncontrolled environment. I can see an Apple sitting very very
comfortably on a glass table with little if any other decor.
After all I am a designer being an architect so I know the kind
of folk that like their white rooms, glass boxes and large picture
of themselves hung in a frameless picture hanging over their bed.
Thing is it's like Warlocks basement here so an Apple just ruins
the ambiance.

Where was I ... Oh yes crappy Microsoft and their attempt to whoo
the Japanese into taking over the world with the MSX. Sounds like
a bike... BMX you mean. M'kay.

SONY HiT-BiT - HB-101P

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