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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 22nd December 2018: Post 02: Store cupboard bits'n'bobs

Store cupboard bits'n'bobs

I was in the last throws of putting everything back into the box
room store cupboard and I had this bundle of assorted bits and
pieces and decided to photograph them so I 'wunt' forget what was
in the front of the cupboard. Nothing of real value, so hey.

I did recover the Pro-Grab to do a feature so that is not back
in the cupboard.

Store cupboard bits'n'bobs

You don't need me to tell you what these
things are ... Just guess if you don't know.

Thought I would show the kinda of
fancy gadgets on show from Datel
back in the days of the Amiga.

No idea why this advert had me reaching
for the Amiga Computing magazine below.

I'll make Elvira fans of you all yet !!!!!!!

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