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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 24th December 2018: Post 01: Amiga - So how many Amigas

Amiga - So how many Amigas

So how many Amigas do I own ?

How many Amigas

I own 123 Amiga computers:

Amiga 1000	4 boxed 	07 computers
Amiga 500/500+	25x500/11x500+	36 computers
Amiga 2000/1500	7x2000/4x1500	11 computers
Amiga 600	3xWW/3xboxed	14 computers
Amiga 1200	See blog	31 computers
Amiga 3000	UX/Amax		03 computers
Amiga 4000	one tower	08 computers
Amiga CDTV	2xboxed		04 computers
Amiga CD32	2xboxed/SX32	04 computers
Amiga 3000T			02 computers
Amiga 4000T			01 computers
Checkmate	2x500/MC	02 computers

Total				123 Amigas

There is only one in truth that matters


My treasured Chantel from 1993
Blizzard 1230IV Turbo with SCSIKIT.
Kickstart 39.106 and WB 39.29 original.
The Blizzard SCSI KIT off the 32MB
Turbo RAM card supports Power Computing
CD ROM, 2 x external SCSI drives, Iomega
ZIP drive. Ethernet PCMCIA networked.
Power Computing HD external floppy.
Vidi Amiga and TechnoSoundTurbo
all running off the Microvitec.

Trinkets are like lucky charms and
if work for me never leave my side.
Lisa Leob has been there since I
successfully installed my first
accelerator. The wrestler has been
there since day 1... No idea. Don't
know where it came from and I certainly
don't like wrestling. He's my Mr T
and tells me to get it together when
I'm flustered.

The games in the disk box are the best
cover disk games ever released.
Lisa Doig was the first Andromeda set
that I burned and was able to use on
the Amiga. Karen Mulder is a my GHOST
animation set.. the first. PPaint is on
that very tiny CD which works on the ROM.
And Clara Veiga needs no introduction.

Its a feng shui thing with me. When
everything is working in harmony then
you'd be a fool to move it around.

When the computer is idle I have a
DPaint animation running in the background.
I have hundreds of them. The one shown
is Clara Veiga. I just grab off the DVD
using VidiAmiga and edit in DPaint and
run from DOpus. Much better than seeing
a Workbench screen.

Essential DPaint commands.

I tend to only use ZIP disks. Mostly
cus I have so many Amigas with SCSI
and also I have a number of PCs with
ZIP disks. With FAT and CrossDOS I can
read PC format disks and so move stuff
around so quickly. Also.. Amiga files
are so small. I can copy my whole WB
to one ZIP as a back up. So easy.

I have all my essential reading material
located behind this Amiga.

When switching on the last thing I power
up is the Amiga. I have the Canon Bubblejet
there but never use it. Have never used it.

Fast enough for me with oodles of RAM

Like I have enough VOLUMES... I have
to have a small book with all the names.

The computer is also networked to PCs.

And by the way for the most part ALL my Amigas work.
Not one of them has been recapped or retrobrited....
And none are for sale.

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