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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 29th December 2018: Post 01: Amiga 600 - Hard Driving

Amiga 600 - Hard Driving

Been checking computers again to make sure hard drives are still
functioning. This time it is the turn of the Amiga 600 and the
eternal problems it seems of keeping 2.5" drives working on these
tiny machines.

This was the first computer that I actually tried to set up a
hard drive by use of a mount file. The computer just refused point
blank to see the hard drive and as it turned out was never going
to. Seems there are problems with some of the revisions of the
motherboard that didn't support the hard drive. More on that later.

Let's go !!

Amiga 600 - Hard Driving

No monitor at this stage so just checking.

Seems to be OK. More later.

Amiga 600 Number 1

In the special HD box no less.

What ? No mystery game.

Black disks for the HD version... or
was it the German version. Never sure.

Book produced for the HD version.

The low-down on the 600. Very low.

Still fading even in the box.

Big brick for the 600 and small for the 1200.

Hello... Mice fading fast.

The official plastic bag for the Amigas was pink.

A nice hint of yellow.

The Commodore A600HD.

Well the lights are working. Wouldn't
get your hopes up... !

Sadly no hard drive.. Bugga !!

The computer is working.

Sexy ribbon or what !!

Bit dusty in here.

A600 REV 1.5 Worth remembering.

I hit it with a hammer but still not working.

And you ask why the A600 is underpowered.
I mean the motherboard is empty.

I gave the board a clean whilst I was there.

Amiga 600 Number 2

OK let's move on to a better specimen.

This A600HD has a working hard drive.

Or should have.

A typical video enthusiast set up.

All working as anticipated.

Genlock and Scala .. not of my making.

The software needed the kit to work.

SysInfo showing the active drive volumes.

Like really slow .. What can I say.

Amiga 600 Number 3

This better be working.

Well done !!

SnoopDOS is brilliant for tracking down problems.

Amiga 600 Number 4

Third time is the charm. This A600 always
boots on the third reset. Just watch.

Reset number 2.

Reset number three.

Told yah !!

Interestingly this is my best A600.
Just full of my stuff I have copied
from various computers.

The A600 being so small is easy to
carry around and set up with Parnet
and other Amigas to transfer files.

Well that was that ...

Except for that I found Amiga number 124.

I was moving some computer covers and
uncovered an Amiga 600 which I thought
was busted. I do have another 600
somewhere that doesn't work. This wasn't
it. Turned out to be my third Amiga that
I ever purchased. More on this later.

So that is my 15th Amiga 600. My goodness.

By the way I do have an Amiga 600 with
one of those newfangled CF drives. But
that doesn't count as a proper hard drive.
So I wont be checking that one.

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