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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 31st December 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1000 - Look after your boxes

Amiga 1000 - Look after your boxes

Last blog of 2018 and today I feature the Amiga 1000. Actually I
feature mostly the boxes.

I am fortunate to own four boxed Amiga 1000 computers. Three in
the tick box and one in the blue red traditional box. I guess the
biggest challenge facing any collector of computers is the finding
of not only the original box but also all that went inside. best
would be a mint unopened and stored in a dust free, light free and
insect free environment. But what are the chances of that.

First thing that tends to get damaged is the box and its packaging.
In many ways the packaging is the most rare of the collected items.
I have for a very long time retained all the packaging associated
with kit that I have acquired. Sometimes I have even bought items
just for the packaging. In truth finding boxes is getting harder
and harder. Especially boxes in good condition.

And so to the Amiga 1000. When I tell you that one of these boxes
travelled all the way across the Atlantic with just one sheet of
bubble wrap on the outside. That was all. Another sadly was obviously
stored in a dusty attic infested with spiders who have pretty much
destroyed the surface.

Two of the boxes were stored on something blunt to each corner as
the face artwork has been scratched just in the corner. I doubt any
of the owners viewed the packaging as that important. Shame but hey
they are just boxes after all.

For me the Amiga 1000 is the best box ever for the Amiga. It was
the dawn of everything to come and for the Amiga so important.
Unlike today the computer creators wanted to celebrate their work
and promote it's worth in full glorious colour. Reading the box
leaves you in no doubt that this was a powerful machine.

The boxes are a little on the large side and quite tricky to store.
I have them shrouded in tissue but not in boxes. They are out
of direct light and I check regularly for insects. Tricky.

So here we go for the last of 2018. Onwards to 2019.


16/32 bit Motorola 68000 main processor
7.16 MHz clock rate
256 Bytes RAM internally expandable to 512K
(Externally expandable to 8 megabytes)
Resident real-time Multitasking Operating System
incorporating extensive sound, graphics, and animation support
Palette with 4,096 colors
880K Bytes of disk formatted storage capacity
DMA controlled floppy disk read and write for fast disk access
Four audio channels with stereo capability
High-speed windowing and icon user interface


An internal 3.5" double-sided, double-density micro-floppy disk drive
Two button mouse
89 key, full-stroke detached keyboard with 10 programmable
function keys (with coiled cable)
AC cord
Warranty information
Two user manuals
Two microdisks
Plus: FREE Software from Electronic Arts.

Just a heads up. I do photograph all the boxes so I can keep a record
of surface condition and any damage. So I am not repeating for the
sake of things. These are four different boxes.

Amiga 1000 - Boxed

Earlier on scuzzblog

I first had to retrieve the Amiga 1000
from the store room.

Colin's note about the Amiga

Busy room this and I already have
two Amiga 1000s set up in here

The other is associated with the 1060
amongst other things

I have two others in boxes and two
more on shelves. The other 1000 box
I have is empty for some reason

Bit tricky getting around but can be done

No time now for playing games... Focus

OK to the bench and seriously you all
should know the Amiga 1000 inside and out

Sticky tape holding the expansion cover on

More tape

Good old Colin. Has stuck the broken
tab to the inside of the cover

Screws deep in their holes and
they often stick in there and its
a struggle to get them out

Pause for thought

Annoying little edge clips that break off

Protect the face-work and use dishes

Shielding screws can be problematic

Kinda typical albeit with the riser board

Checking over the floppy drive

Machine boots from the Kickstart
Remember that the Amiga 1000 has a
special boot disk prior to the
actual Workbench disk.

OK That was that for 2018.

See you in 2019.

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