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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2019

Entry 23rd December 2019: Post 03: Hitman Absolution - Attack of the Saints.

Hitman Absolution - Attack of the Saints.

What gives with these Saints or Initiative 424 within the ICA. I
don't mind taking down armed guards but sexy cosplay rubber fetish
chicks with long legs does make for difficult targets. Don't care
how many machine guns they have. I blame Benjamin Travis. If you
have a problem with nuns in black rubber I would avoid Hitman.

The Saints

I was quite sceptical of playing this game given that it can involve
a lot of shooting, however, if you choose to play a less violent
roll you can get through the game without the blood fest.

In the case of the Saints it was quite tricky evading all the
mobs and completing the mission without blowing my cover. But in
the end I managed to clear the Motel carpark leaving just the two
Saints still standing, and then the Motel reception with again
just two Saints standing and finally the Cornfield with all three
of the last Saints standing. Believe me that is not easy. The one
challenge involved me taking out a guard in a small room without
blowing both me and the Saint up and still not giving away my
identity. She wasn't too pleased but I made it out of there.

In the end I just invited them all over for tea and biscuits and
we had a jolly good time. Didn't have the same luck in the sexy
Vixen Club sadly.

If you are easily offended by blood, violence and scantily clad
women with big guns then maybe you should avoid this game. I have
completed my missions now and playing Max Payne, which is quite
mild by comparison.

Whilst Hitman is pretty old now I would still rate the game highly
for the PS3. The skill is definitely in staying in the shadows and
avoiding detection. Also not killing folk is a very good way of
earning your points. Been playing none stop for a couple of weeks
now and finally cracked the game. Trick is to get a disguise and
then spend a good while just exploring and noting the movements
of all the characters and mobs in the game. 

Anyway, better go, I have Jennifer and Heather coming over for
a game of cock and bull and then we are off to Mrs Miggins pie shop

Hitman Absolution - Attack of the Saints.

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