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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2019

Entry 25th December 2019: Post 01: Amiga Computing November 1995 - CED.

Amiga Computing November 1995 - CED.

In November 1995 I was again being pressurised at work to buy a
new Windows 3.1 based PC. Being a CAD jockey it was always seen as
a bonus to have a machine at home that enabled you to hone your
skills. I recall my lunch breaks venturing in Fareham and making
a bee line for the computer salvage shop that sold kit that had
been removed from old systems. There wasn't much Amiga stuff but
there was a variety of useful bits and pieces.

It was during this time that Escom opened up a shop in Fareham.
They had purchased the Amiga and was starting to ship 1200s,
A4000Ts and CD32 models. Mostly though they focussed on Windows
based PCs and their shops had very little Amiga related kit
other than the actual computers. I had better luck in Southampton
where Silica had half a floor of Debenhams cram packed with Amiga

And so when I was buying Amiga Computing in November 1995 I could
have very easily given up with the Amiga and drifted over to the
PC. There was way more choice with the PC and it was very much
and expanding market.

So what did I do ? I bought another Amiga 1200 second hand.

For all the disappointments with the Amiga those years following the
demise of Commodore it was still a very active and rewarding period
and one that I personally thoroughly enjoyed. At the time I had every
confidence that the Amiga would return as a major platform. How
wrong I was. So sad.

OK. So yesterday I featured the wonderful CED software and had
intended showing the pages of the magazine of the disk contents,
plus a few pages showing those Amigas that were available. And so
today I have included the pages about CED and a couple of adverts
from Amiga Computing November 1995.

With the cover disks came a fantastic thumbnail viewer called
PicView. Really became one of my favourites. Amiga Computing was
for me the best magazine for free software. The guys there really
worked very hard to source software that was useful and could
be easily crammed onto a couple of DD disks.

Amiga Computing November 1995 - CED.

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