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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2019

Entry 27th December 2019: Post 01: F-16 C64/Amiga - Christmas Past.

F-16 C64/Amiga - Christmas Past.

This F-16 game for the Commodore 64 was a Christmas present for
a lad called Jonathan. He was just 12 in 1990 and I doubt he knows
 what he did with the game. The registration card is filled in but 
never sent as it sits inside the box for the game.

And so my challenge was to see if Jonathan's combat flight sim
from 1990 was still working. I should never have doubted this in
truth as the game loaded from cassette into the C64 no problem.

I also have an Amiga type version of  this game though never played it.

When I reflect on what game I was most likely playing in 1990 over
the Christmas period I have no doubt that I would have been sitting
with my dad in front of his Amiga 500 playing Mean 18. He only
ever played Mean 18 and man did he like to win.

The actual name of the F-16 game is F-16 Combat Pilot and it was
the creation of Digital Integration Ltd. It was produced for the
C64, C128, Amstrad, DOS, Amiga and the Atari ST. Interestingly Wiki
claim the game to be one of the first combat flight simulators to
have a dynamic campaign environment.

The game was designed by David K Marshall, Colin Boswell, Marcus
Goodey, Chris Smedley and Paul D Margrave. The game was actually
released in 1988, though mine states 1990.

F-16 C64/Amiga - Christmas Past.

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