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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2019

Entry 28th December 2019: Post 01: Amiga Computing - 1994 and 1995.

Amiga Computing - 1994 and 1995.

One of my biggest storage problems here is the stacking of magazines.
I just have so many. I tend to keep them on the ground floor due
to the weight. Sadly they have to be stacked as I just don't have
that much free wall space for shelves. And even if on shelves they
still would be stacked as they do not stand very well. So when I am
needing a magazine it can be a real challenge. I have store
cupboards filled with magazines. And stacks of magazines sitting
under and behind benches. I even have  magazines draped in cloth
with a board over using as a bench.

You get the idea.

I do try to keep my favourites to hand, but these are not a complete
set of respective magazines so if I can't find one I tend to give up.
Many of my Amiga magazines will have paper inserts identifying
useful content, and I dare not remove the markers even when I take

I do not scan magazines or books generally as there is great risk to
breaking the spine and creasing the covers. That is why I take pics
of magazines and not scan the pages. I also think scanning is a
touch lifeless. I like the feel of actually holding the magazine.

Whenever I do a feature on software and I use a copy disk I will
very often try to track down the magazine. The other day I did a set
on CED and I spent some time hunting down the Amiga Computing mag.
In doing so I managed to put together a near complete set of the
magazine for 1995 through to the end of 1996. As ever I got hooked
reading through them and again marvelled at the joy of this magazine.
I was short of just one, but gave up looking for it.

Interesting that the rear cover of many of these magazine issues had
an advert for Vidi-Amiga. It's the one with the very distinctive
image of Christy Turlington. The face is used also on the cover disk.
My favourite Amiga Computing cover is the one promoting the new 500+.
I love the crude artwork of the computer. Classic.

I do miss my monthly Amiga magazine feast. The magazines did a lot
to stimulate my active interest and feed me with guidance, advice and
previews of all things Amiga. The cover disks were real gems, giving
access to otherwise unknown games and software. This often lead to
me buying the games and or software. What made this so beneficial was
that the magazines would often carry detailed tutorials over a series
of months.

In truth there has never been anything to replace both the Amiga and
the respective publications that supported the platform. Unless you
were active during the period you really wouldn't understand what it
was like to have magazine racks filled with Amiga publications to
savour. The joy of games shops loaded with Amiga current offerings.
And computer stores with whole sections dedicated to the Amiga
platform. The magazines were great at opening your eyes to what was
possible and on offer in respect of the Amiga. This was supported
by the shops and computer specialists.

Computer life for me was always changing, always different. There
was always something new and exciting just around the corner. The
adventure was tangible and real and mostly viewed through the
pages of a magazine. Very colourful magazines. There was no surfing
the web and buying online. To obtain anything meant the reading of
magazines and the buying face to face from stores or via the
telephone. Either way the process was a human interaction between
those involved with the platform. Consequently you felt part of a
community of Amiga users and could interact and talk to real people.

Just a memory now. The magazines and stores have long gone. Happily
I still have the magazines. So every time I open one I am reminded
of happier times when the Amiga was current and the world of
computing warmed to its presence. Great times, great people and
without doubt a great computer. Everybody's 'girlfriend'.

1995-1996 and two very good years for the Amiga as seen through the
covers of Amiga Computing and the cover disks. Everyone a gem.

Amiga Computing - 1994 and 1995.

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