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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2019

Entry 29th December 2019: Post 01: AWEB II - By Amitrix for the Amiga.

AWEB II - By Amitrix for the Amiga.

So by 'hook and by crook' you have somehow managed to connect your
Amiga to the Internet and now you want to start surfing. The big
issue with the Amiga is the lack of graphics power and raw processor
power to deal with the modern web pages. Add to that the web design
standards and hand shaking and it can be a real problem.

I did try many years ago to surf with my 1200 but it really was a
pointless exercise. In the end it proved easier to use the PC and
simply burn pages to CD and view them that way. Even that had little
point. I certainly had no issue with mailers like YAM and did use to do
all my group posting via the Amiga. I dabbled with IRC and also
used Aminet a lot to download files.

All this came to a grinding halt when I lost 'Dial-Up'. I do use
broadband with the Amiga but I have long since given up using my
beloved 1200 on the internet. Instead I use MiamiDX and Samba to
cruise my own local network and that suits me fine.

Dunno how many reading this use Firefox, but if you open your
services folder whilst connected and check how many and how much
is being used by Firefox I think you will appreciate just what
a challenge the Amiga has to keep up with browsing. Essentially
the Amiga needs a graphics card and lots of RAM and excellent
processing power.

Anyhoo... as I am often known to say, try AWeb or iBrowse if want
to see for yourself. I used AWeb-II by choice and did set it up
to read pages stored on the Amiga. I do know of folk that surf with
their Amiga. I just find it easier to use the PC.

Have fun.

AWEB II - By Amitrix for the Amiga.

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