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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2019

Entry 30th December 2019: Post 01: Adorage - Stuff that never grabbed me.

Adorage - Stuff that never grabbed me.

I would say that most things I have enjoyed in my life grabbed my
attention the first time I came into contact with them. Take the
ProTracker v3.10 that came with Amiga Format. The minute this
software hit my Amiga I was hooked. And yet on the same disk there
is Adorage, a visual effects program that just never caught my
imagination. The product was littered all over the place and was
featured on numerous occasions, but still I just never bothered.

I was reflecting in this when I was sorting a box of odds and sods
that have never found their way into blogs. I keep them to one side
in the possible hope that I can raise some interest and maybe try
them out.

So I did fire up Adorage and again just found it all a little
uninspiring. I'm sure it is perfectly sound in what it does but for
me it's not going to cut it. Interestingly I have pretty much all of
the major software packages. , but this software just never made it
into the collection. I have a feeling I have a video tutorial of
Adorage, maybe I should dig that out and see if it fires me up.

As I reviewed the Amiga magazines which featured Adorage I came
across another Amiga related product that failed big time with me.
Sensible Golf. This game was suppose to be a life saver for the
Amiga and was promoted very heavily. And yet it too failed to grab
me by the collar. It felt so dreary and boring. So the game has
pretty much stayed in its box since purchased new.

Anyhoo... I have other products and software by ProDad so maybe I'll
try and get the boxed version of Adorage. or not... probably not.

The first line from CUAmiga about this software sums it up ..

' .. specialises in creating professional quality wipes and fades '

Adorage - Stuff that never grabbed me.

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