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Entry 3rd December 2020: Post 2: Baybench 1.3 - Adding Disk Master.

Baybench 1.3 - Adding Disk Master.

Yesterday I showed you how to create your very own Wb1.3 disk
from a fistful of old Amiga Computing disks. Today I go one step
further and add not just the facility to read PC disks but also
include a simple file management tool. All on the same disk.

Next up I dug out a copy of Disk Master and simply added that to
the same disk. It was necessary for me to edit the very first disk
to enable me to install these two programs but it all worked.

Here is how I did it.

What is incredible about customising your own Workbench disk is
that you can have a single disk that not only carries out all the
normal functions of disk management but also lets you run a simple
program for file management.

Baybench 1.3 - Adding Disk Master.

I have started to enhance the Baybench
disk with icon images to make the whole
process a little more clear.

The task in hand now is to add Disk Master II.

I plugged in SID of all things and used this
software to do my file management.

First thing I did was copy all the files
from the DM2 disk that were not on my
Baybench disk. Starting with the 'C' drawer.

Next I copied all the libraries to Libs.

And finally the actual program ignoring
the guide as I needed valuable disk space.

And now I have DM2 or Disk Master II on
my Baybench disk along with MultiDOS.

And it worked.

I removed SID and was now Disk Mastered up.

Disk Master gives so many options
from the drop down menus.

I now have to work out how to get
DiskSalv working. Onward.

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