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Entry 4th December 2020: Post 1: Baybench 1.3 - UNZIP and ADF.

Baybench 1.3 - UNZIP and ADF.

This whole process of creating a self made Workbench was inspired
by the emulator. It responds to a need to provide a Workbench if
an actual official Workbench disk is not available and provides a
way of accessing the internet and transferring files to the Amiga.
The disk I created called 'BayBench' not just uses only files that
I acquired from cover disks, but also has been customised to include
a file management tool and a PC disk reading tool.

So where next? Today we have the final challenge and that is testing
that the PC transfer works. And then the final test as to whether
we can open LHA files, Unzip files from the PC and ultimately use
ADF file images to create disks.

This is my last session with the ADF saga. I have no reason in
truth to pursue PC transfers as I have real Amigas and 13000 of
original disks at my disposal. The emulator was an interesting
distraction but fails as an Amiga due to the lack of real hardware.
There is no substitute for a real floppy drive and the emulator
has no heart. It just doesn't perform as an Amiga does. I have
no sensory stimulant from noises and hardware sounds to guide me
as I use the system.

I was pleased to get back to the proper Amiga, which in truth I
was using throughout the process anyway, making the emulator a bit

So was I successful ? Read on.

Baybench 1.3 - UNZIP and ADF.

I downloaded these files from Aminet
yesterday and placed them on a 720K
formatted PC disk using MultiDOS.

Later I will copy over the ADF ZIP
from the PC to the same disk.

Note that by using the ZIP tool on
the PC this reduces the size of the
ADF file from 880K to 256K. Had I not
done this the ADF would not have fit
onto a 720K disk.

I am still using 1.3 on a 500Plus Amiga
with a ROM switcher allowing me to use
the 1.3 ROM. Albeit with my own Workbench.

And there she is. ' Don't call me BayB '
A line from Barbe Wire .. Anyhoo. This
is BayBench and is my own Workbench disk
for 1.3 using files from Amiga Computing
cover disks. It has been enhanced with
MultiDOS and Disk Master... all on one disk.

OK first thing I do is mount the PC drives
MD0: and MD1: using the command line thus.

The Workbench loads with a CLI[shell]
at the bottom of the screen. As should 1.3.

The 'Bayb' on the BayBench disk is Clara Veiga.
I am scuzz and that is a PC disk on MD1:

It looks empty but it is not as I will show.

Next I fire up Disk Master II which is
incorporated into my BayBench disk.

Having clicked MD1: from the drive list
I get the contents of the PC disk shown.

I next copy the files into RAM so I can
extract all the software.

Next I use Disk Master to format an
Amiga DD disk which is a copy of an
old Amiga Computing copy disk.

Note the Formatting progress at the
head of the screen.

With an empty disk I now LHA extract
the files in RAM.

The extracted files are now on the floppy.

Note that the date is correct at the top
of the screen and the computer is a Plus
and I did not set the date. It has a battery.

I now copy adf2disk and UnZip to RAM.

I change directory to RAM and enter
the command to UNZIP the PC file.

Stop and think a moment. An Amiga 500
UnZipping a file created on a modern PC
by simply using a tool in the CLI.

I now have a 901120 ADF file that
came to the A500Plus on a 720KB disk.

And the final challenge.... Can I
create an Amiga disk from an image.

I enter the command for adf2disk ......

It didn't work. But then I already knew
that it wouldn't. Worth a try.

Not even ADFBlitzer worked.

I was able to transfer and de-crunch
all the LHA files though. So not all
a waste of time.

FINAL WORD: Apt indeed.

ADF is a tool of the emulator. You really
don't need the emulator if you are willing
to obtain the media as we did back when there
was no emulator. I know it's a bit more tricky,
but I believe with a bit of effort it can be
done. The Amiga works best as a real Amiga
with real disks and real software. It really
is so so much easier. For one I wouldn't
have wasted the last four days creating my
very own BayBench disks.

Anyhoo.. all done. Time to put those disks
to bed as I seriously don't need them.

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