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Entry 5th December 2020: Post 1: Baybench 1.3 - ADF and TSGUI.

Baybench 1.3 - ADF and TSGUI.

OK I said I was done with ADF having failed to create my own disk
from an image, but last night I discovered TSGUI from Thomas Rapp.
And guess what... I did it !!! I bloody did it. Magic.

TSGUI available here <<<<<<

Baybench 1.3 - ADF and TSGUI.

See previous blogs for how I created
my own workbench disk and customised
it with MultiDOS and DW2.

I have now also created a series of
BayBench Extras Disks.

I tracked down TSGUI from Thomas Rapp
and using MultiDOS I transferred the
LHA file to a disk and unarchived using
Disk Master II [ see yesterdays blog ].

I was able to add TSGUI to the BayBench
disk but it meant deleting stuff. Instead
I copied it to its own Extras Disk.

See yesterday for how I obtained and
copied these files to disk.

Car_Fish.ZIP now is copied to RAM:
TSGUI and UNZIP unarchived to Extras Disk.

Unzip the tool is then copied to RAM.

Change Directory to RAM and enter..

The file takes a little while to 'inflate'

I now have an ADF in RAM. Ignore adf2disk.

I then put my Extras disk with TSGUI
into external drive DF1:

Enter... ' df1:tsgui/tsgui write df0: ram:car_fish.adf '

Make sure you have a blank disk in DF0:
During the process the Baybench or
Workbench disk has to be swapped out
to DF1 [ NOT DF0 ].

And now you have a Fish Disk with nothing on it.


Fire up Disk Master and all is revealed.

And that is how you transfer an ADF from
a PC to an Amiga 500 and create an Amiga
disk from the ADF image.

Only took about two weeks but hey.

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