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Entry 6th December 2020: Post 2: Amiga Fun - Just a bit of 'Fun'.

Amiga Fun - Just a bit of 'Fun'.

Following on from my investigations into Amiga Mania by the very
wonderful MC Publications, I discovered that Amiga Fun was the
failed magazine by the same company prior to the release of Mania.
What I found amazing about Amiga Fun is that their disks included
a copy of a game that appears to have ever only been released on
the cover of the magazine. This being ' The Final Day '.

I am not sure if I have any copies of the magazine and I'm not
about to go searching again. However, I guess that if you could
get a hold of Amiga Fun with the disk still on the cover it would
be a pretty good collectors item.

Have fun.

Amiga Fun - Just a bit of 'Fun'.

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