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Entry 7th December 2020: Post 1: Fred Fish - BayBench 1.3 Library Disks.

Fred Fish - BayBench 1.3 Library Disks.

So I was on the hunt for a good text editor to go with my BayBench
1.3 disk and where better to look than the Fred Fish Library Disks.
I am truly amazed about the amount of software issued by Fred Fish.
I have all the disks on CD and various Amiga hard drives, but I
wanted to experience the process old style so I dragged open my
drawer full of Fish disks and started to rummage... As you do.

It was impossible for me to put the lists of disks down without
shortlisting a few goodies to have a look at and so I set aside a
number of disks and copied the programs to nine of my very own
library disks. Fortunately I did find a really good Text Editor.

One comment I will make. It is easy to forget in this world of fast
available downloads, the effort needed in the early days to gather
suitable software. It would involve endless searches through PD
catalogues and the testing of disks as they arrived in the post. It
wasn't as if you had a ready group of individuals available online
24/7 to ask questions to. All that was to follow with the internet
was over the horizon and so sourcing material and programs was a
pretty solitary process. I can sense, though, the excitement of
receiving these little blue disks of treasures as I have been
there myself.

Anyhoo here are the files/programs that I copied to my own library
disks. Most were useful programs. Others were just cus I wanted a
little bit of history, what with the creator being a legend of the
Amiga world. I'll let you work that one out for yourself.

Don't you think it is amazing that none of these disks fell over.
All were copied without fault... after all these years. Incredible.

THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS. Please see link below list.


dotty		Source to the "dotty window" demo on the Workbench
		disk. Posted to usenet by Dale Luck.

trackdisk	Demonstrates use of the trackdisk driver. Useful
		example of "raw" disk read/write. Author: Rob Peck

speech		Sample speech demo program. Stripped down version of
		"speechtoy". Author: Rob Peck

speechtoy	Another speech demo program. Cute. You have to see this
		one. Be sure to click gadget that pops up the face.
		Author: David Lucas


Browser		A program that lets you wander around a file tree and
		peek into files, all with the mouse. Author: Mike (I'll
		be mellow when I'm dead) Meyer

PigLatin	Tired of the "say" command? This one will translate and
		speak your input in pig latin! Author: Thomas Clement


ABdemos		Amiga Basic demos. NewConvertFD creates .bmaps from fd
		files. BitPlanes finds addresses of and writes to
		bitplanes of the screen's bitmap. AboutBmaps is a
		tutorial on creation and use of bmaps. LoadILBM loads
		and displays IFF ILBM pics. LoadACBM loads and displays
		ACBM pics. ScreenPrint creates a demo screen and dumps
		it to a graphic printer. Author: Carolyn Scheppner,

Hypocycloids	An electronic Spirograph inspired by an article in Feb
		'84 Byte. Author: Terry Gintz


Sdb		Simple database program, originally released on a DECUS
		VAX SIG tape. Author: Unknown, Amiga port by Mic


Blitz		Blitz is a small program that is designed to be loaded
		into memory and that sits in the background until
		activated by its hotkey. It allows you to view a text
		file, much like a TYPE command, only that it lets you
		move forwards and backwards through the file. Its
		screen updates are blitz'n. Binary only. Author: Hayes

BlitzFonts	Blitzfonts makes text output up to 6 times faster,
		transparently to well behaved programs. It is also very
		small and written 100% in assembly for maximum speed.
		Binary only. Author: Hayes Haugen

Med		Yet another Amiga text editor. This one lets you edit
		up to 36 files simultaneously and makes extensive use
		of the mouse. This is version 2.1, binary only. Author:
		Francois Rouaix


AmigaMonitor	Dynamically display the state of the machine, including
		open files, active tasks, resources, device states,
		interrupts, libraries, ports, etc. Display window into
		memory. Version 1.13, binary only (source available
		from author). Author suggests $15 donation. Author: Jim

DoTil		Lists, in alphabetical order, all files on any two
		directories, showing file size, creation date/time, and
		amount of free disk space. Also copies, renames, or
		deletes files and/or directories, and moves files from
		one directory to another. Version 2.0, shareware,
		author suggests $15 donation. Author: Dan Franki

GravityWars	The object of this game is for one player to hit the
		other player's ship with a missle, before being hit
		yourself. The ships and planets don't move, but aiming
		the missle in the presence of gravity fields and black
		holes makes hitting your target difficult. Version
		1.03, shareware, author suggests $5 donation. Author:
		Ed Bartz


AudioTools	Demo programs from Rob Peck's article in the
		July/August issue of Amiga World on accessing the audio
		device. Includes source. Author: Rob Peck

Ed		An editor based on the editor described in the original
		Software Tools book. It is very similar to the Unix
		"ed" editor, but not identical. Includes source.
		Author: Brian Beattie

PipeHandler	An AmigaDOS pipe device which supports OPEN, CLOSE,
		READ, WRITE, LOCK, EXAMINE, and EXNEXT. Thus you can
		have "named pipes". It also supports "taps" on a pipe,
		to capture all data flowing through the pipe. Version
		1.2, includes source. Author: Ed Puckett

PopCLI		Provides a simple way of starting another CLI at any
		time without having to load workbench or exit whatever
		program you may be using. Also has a builtin screen
		saver mode that automatically blanks the Amiga console
		screen when there has been no input for a specified
		period of time. Version III, an update to the version
		on disk number 40. Includes source. Author: John Toebes


Juggler		Stunning animation of a robot juggler with ray traced
		reflective spheres. Uses HAM mode display and sound
		effects to boot! This is version 1.2 and apparently
		fixes some bugs in the original version released on
		disk number 47. Binary only. Author: Eric Graham

DISK 101

IconAssembler	This program loads existing WorkBench icon files and
		allows you to change either the primary or alternate
		images to another image loaded from an IFF-brush file.
		Binary only. Author: Stefan Lindahl

DISK 105

BasicProgs	Some more AmigaBASIC programs. LeastSquare solves least
		squares problems and graphs the results. Curves is a
		demo of one use for LeastSquare (find curves to fit a
		set of points). Freud is a Freudian analysis program.
		Includes source, needs AmigaBASIC from Extras. Author:
		George Trepal

DISK 123

Arp		ARP stands for "AmigaDOS Replacement Project". Arp is
		an effort led by Charlie Heath of Microsmiths Inc., to
		replace the current DOS in a compatible fashion, so
		that current programs will continue to work. Arp also
		makes whatever improvements are possible, so that
		current and future programs will work better. Author:
		Various authors contributed work

Car		This animation is one of Allen's entries to the Badge
		Killer Demo Contest. It apparently is an inside joke
		relating to a well known Amigan's experience with a
		certain highend graphics hardware manufacturer. Author:
		Allen Hastings

DISK 137

JeansIcons	Miscellaneous cute icons created for AMUC's monthly
		newsletter disk. Submitted by Stephen Vermeulen.
		Author: Steve Jeans

DISK 161

XBoot		A very simple utility to convert a boot block into an
		executable file so you can use your favorite debugger
		(Wack, Dis, etc.) to study it. Includes source. Author:
		Francois Rouaix

DISK 284

IconTools	Here are some tools for icon tricks. Note that these
		tools are really hacks because they exploit some areas
		of the .info files that the current version of
		WorkBench does not clear or reset upon loading the
		icon. There are three programs here which allow
		WorkBench drawer windows to appear in non-standard
		colors and allow you to move the position of the file
		name text to anywhere in the icon's graphic. Released
		to the public in the hope that 1.4 will allow more
		flexible user customization of the WorkBench
		appearance. Includes source. Author: Stephen Vermeulen

DISK 381

IconJ		IconJ significantly enhances the IconX program, and is
		100% compatible. It allows scripts to be executed by
		double-clicking the script's icon. Abilities include
		joining the script with the icon file itself, or
		calling it from any directory or disk, executing either
		AmigaDOS or ARexx scripts, outputing to any file or
		device, running interactive scripts and scripts that
		contain conditionals, and creating relative console
		windows. Includes a utility called AtatJ which attaches
		or detaches a script to/from an icon file. Version 1.0,
		includes source in JForth. Author: Rich Franzen

DISK 342

IE		This is an icon editor which can create and modify
		icons up to 640x200 pixels in size (also dual render).
		It can set stack size, position of icon (also free-
		floating), default tool, 10 tool types and control over
		opened window. It can also generate the C source code
		behind the icon for program inclusion. Version 1.0,
		binary only, source available from author. Author:
		Peter Kiem

DISK 359

DICE		Dillon's Integrated C Enviroment. A C frontend,
		preprocessor, C compiler, assembler, linker, and
		support libraries. Also includes the editor, dme.
		Features include ANSI compatibility, many code
		optimizations, and autoinit routines (user routines
		called during startup before main is called). This is
		version 2.02, shareware, binary only. Author: Matthew

TextPlus	A word processor for the Amiga, with both German and
		English versions. TextPlus enables you to write
		letters, books, programs etc. in a very easy and
		comfortable way. Version 2.0, binary only. Author:
		Martin Steppler

DISK 403

FixDisk		A program to recover as much as possible from a
		defective disk. It can sometimes recover damaged
		(unreadable) tracks, check file integrity, check the
		directory structure, undelete files, copy or show
		files, fix corrupted directory pointers, etc. Full
		intuition interface. This is version 1.2, an update to
		version 1.0 on disk 223. Binary only. Author: Werner

DISK 406 

DMS		DISK-Masher is a utility that allows users to compress
		and archive entire floppy disks. Offers four different
		types of compression, extended virus checking of boot
		blocks, and data encryption. Requires at least 512K of
		memory. This is version 1.01, binary only. Author: SDS

DISK 532

BootPic		BootPic allows you to install nearly any IFF picture
		that you like in place of the WorkBench hand that
		appears after a reset. Version 1.1, an update to
		version 1.0 on disk 484. Now includes an Intuition
		interface. Binary only. Author: Andreas Ackermann

SCSIMounter	An interactive, fully automated partition mounter
		especially suited for removable media SCSI drives.
		SCSIMounter automatically scans the Rigid Disk Block of
		the drives and presents the user with a partition
		selector which allows the individual selection of the
		partitions to mount. Requires Kickstart 2.0. Binary
		only. Author: Martin A. Blatter

SCSIPrefs	A Preferences editor for the battery backed up memory
		in the Amiga 3000. This small program allows you to
		change the bits that control some parameters of the
		embedded SCSI host adaptor. Requires Kickstart 2.0.
		Binary only. Author: Martin A. Blatter

DISK 619

SysInfo		A program which reports interesting information about
		the configuration of your machine, including some speed
		comparisons with other configurations, versions of the
		OS software, etc. This program has been very popular
		with many users and has been fully updated to include
		many new functions. This is version 2.60, an update to
		version 2.56 on disk 583. Binary only. Author: Nic

DISK 621

IE		An icon editor which can create and modify icons up to
		640x200 pixels in size, up to 16 colors, edit all non-
		graphical icon parameters including up to 40 tooltypes,
		generate C source code for icon and image programming,
		import/export IFF images, recolor icons for DOS2.0,
		write text into icon in any font and style, and much
		more. Demo version of IE 3.0, a major update to version
		2.0 on disk number 377. Requires 1 Meg. Source
		available from Author. Author: Peter Kiem

DISK 634

NewDefTool	A utility to change the default tool for project icons.
		Has a user defined configuration file for flexibility.
		Can change default tool according to old default tool
		or filenames. Supports the use of appicon, so using
		NewDefTool is a simple matter of dragging and dropping
		icons. Requires AmigaDOS 2.0. This is version 1.01,
		public domain, includes source. Author: Kjell

NonClick	A program to stop floppy drive clicking. Features an
		intuition user interface that allows you to turn
		clicking on and off on every drive individually.
		Requires AmigaDOS 2.0. This is version 1.06, public
		domain, includes source. Author: Kjell Cederfeldt

DISK 668

Textra		This easy-to-use text editor allows multiple windows,
		and provides a simple mouse driven interface. Those
		familiar with the "Macintosh style" editors will be
		comfortable with Textra's Cut, Copy and Paste commands.
		Documentation included. Version 1.12, an update to
		version 1.0 on disk 239, with many enhancements.
		Shareware, binary only. Author: Mike Haas

DISK 725

SnoopDos	A utility for monitoring AmigaDOS calls. In particular,
		it allows you to see what libraries, devices, fonts,
		environment variables or startup files a program is
		looking for. Very useful when you're trying to install
		a new application. Version 1.5, an update to version
		1.2 on disk 451. Includes source in C. Author: Eddy


Fred Fish - BayBench 1.3 Library Disks.

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