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Entry 9th December 2020: Post 1: BayBench 1.3 - Mounting a 5.25 RF 542C

BayBench 1.3 - Mounting a 5.25 RF 542C

So can I mount a 5.25" disk drive PC formatted with my BayBench.
If you have been following the Blog you will appreciate that I
have created my own Workbench disk and customised it with a PC
disk reader/writer in the form of MultiDOS. I have added to the
BayBench disk 'Disk Master' as my file manager. And included an ADF
writer/reader using TSGUI. Moving forward with the PC usage its
about time we tested my BayBench with a 5.25"drive.

So I dragged an RF 542C 5.25" drive that has an 80 track setting
for the Amiga. First though I wanted to see if it was working so
I loaded the conventional Workbench 1.3 and sure enough the drive
worked fine. So I formatted a disk and that was no problem.

Next up I loaded my BayBench and mounted the 5.25" drive as a PC
drive using MultiDOS. I then formatted the disk as a PC disk. All
worked without any hitch. To take matters one stage further I
then daisy chained another drive to the 5.25" drive and was able
to have two external drives mounted. PC and Amiga. How cool is
that. Just gives you so many options.

Probably not that easy getting an external 5.25" drive. In the
past I have written a special mount file to format PC disks for the
A1060 external sidecar for the Amiga 1000.

One final thing today and I wanted to just be sure that the cover
disks I showed yesterday did actually fire up a Workbench of theirs
from the disk. Anyway, sure enough each disk I tried from the very
wonderful Amiga Computing magazine worked with a WB screen and a
Shell [ CLI ] incorporated.

Time for some music. .... Axel F - Protracker WB 1.3

Click the link above for some Protracker music

BayBench 1.3 - Mounting a 5.25 RF 542C

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