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Entry 11th December 2020: Post 1: BayBench 1.3 - BASIC Extras.

BayBench 1.3 - BASIC Extras.

In creating the BayBench Workbench disk I kinda decided I wouldn't
need to replicate the 'Extras' disk that came with 1.3. Much of
what is on the disk is not required to run Workbench 1.3, but it
would be wrong of me to not feature the disk and explain some of
its content. With alternatives.

First up I show the disk and its contents. The primary features
are AmigaBASIC, PCUtil and Tools. Interestingly the only drawer I
find beneficial is fonts. But these are so prolific on cover disks
you can create a vast army of fonts with very little trouble.

I covered the PCUtils by adding MultiDOS to my main disk.

AmigaBASIC was short lived and whilst a Microsoft product on 1.3
was in fact ABASIC on the first release. By Workbench 2.x it was
removed due to incompatibility issues and was overtaken by ARexx
as a new breed of Amiga program writer took hold.

I did find a copy of TrueBASIC for the Amiga which dates back to
1975. It was shipped to all kinds of machines when it was officially
launched in 1985. Like AmigaBASIC it does not use line numbers.

The Slipped Disk PD disk #7 for Bug Bytes actually carries a copy
of AmigaBASIC so I guess there are ways of obtaining a copy without
using the Workbench Extras disk.

STAmIga Disk Dec 1988 has a BASIC tutorial along with other goodies
like Perfect Sound. There are example programs on the disk. There
are numerous PD disks of the date carrying BASIC programs and it
didn't take me long to build up a small library.

Whilst the Shell[CLI] is covered in the Amiga 500 manual there is
no reference to AmigaBASIC. However, Commodore did publish a
separate book on the subject. Not sure how important BASIC would
be in truth. It never really took off with the Amiga as AmigaBASIC.

HiSoft BASIC was popular and featured on a number of cover disks.
For me I purchased the actual software and manuals. I was keen on
the software but soon moved on to Blitz and then AMOS.

There is also this odd beast of a BASIC called GFA BASIC. The book
is quite large... never used it.

In respect to other items on the Extras disk there are plenty of
tools on Aminet for icon editing and font editing. For me I use
IconEdit Delux, Iconian and Icon Copy. Plus a program for defining
icon tool types and images to create default icons. I have never
been interested in editing fonts. Never saw the point.

The first Fred Fish disk has the first incarnation of 'SAY' with
SpeechToy. There is an interesting backstory there but I won't go
into that now. Fred Fish has pretty much anything you need and
all his disks are online. Disk 242 has Image Edit a crude icon
editor and Disk 920 has a demo of TypeSmith if you want to play
around with editing fonts. SpeechToy makes your computer
sound like Stephen Hawking.

That about covers the content and alternatives of the Extras disk.
I doubt you would even miss the disk if you never get it. I've
been using 1.3 a long time and I don't think I've used anything
from the disk. 

BayBench 1.3 - BASIC Extras.

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