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Entry 21st December 2020: Post 1: Workbench Management and WorkStation.

Workbench Management and WorkStation.

I gave up on this yesterday using the emulator as I really needed
a proper Amiga to test out the software. An emulator is OK for
taking snapshots for webpages, but that is all it's useful for.

And so I grabbed the Workbench Management Tool and WorkStation and
fired up the trusty A-500/Plus on WB1.3 and had a play.

It became apparent during the Amiga 1.3 era that the Workbench was
somewhat deficient in tools for managing files, disks and data. Plus
the editing of text files was a little lightweight. A number of various
applications became available such as SID that made life a lot more
simpler. However, it became a challenge for some to create a more
robust universal package that could be master of it all.

Enter the Workbench Management System and WorkStation to name two.
Each provided comprehensive software to manage files with programs
like SID built in; to manage file archiving and compression; to
manage hardware stats and status; to manage text documents to give
better solutions to creating scripts; to providing diary, calendar
and reminders.

Both these applications do pretty much the same and work very well
with 1.3. I was somewhat amazed at the amount of facilities that were
available on each disk. They really are worthy of getting hold of.

So would I use them. I probably would in  some ways. I still prefer
DOpus and CED and find they provide most of what I need. DOpus has
endless possibilities when it comes to customising. However I did
like the menu options from the basic Workbench. I may try and bust
these disks open and see if I can't scavenge some items for my own

Was quite an enjoyable process and made all the better for using a
real Amiga. Without the floppy activity and keyboard action of an
Amiga other methods do leave a lot to be desired. I know where I
am with an Amiga. Everything else just feels like a cop-out.

If you can't get a Workbench Management Disk just get a copy of
an older Amiga Computing disk. Kinda the same thing.

Workbench Management and WorkStation.

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