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Entry 22nd December 2020: Post 2: VIC-20 Stonechip Vixen Instructions.

VIC-20 Stonechip Vixen Instructions.
When I was a kid growing up and lost anything my mom would always
comfort me by saying it'll turn up one day. Sure enough most things
have a habit of surfacing in the most peculiar of places.

I have a switchable RAM unit on the VIC-20. Very useful. So you can
imagine my surprise when going through the contents of an Iomega
ZIP envelope to find the instructions for the unit. Losing stuff is
always a pain. Finding stuff is very rewarding.

There are four modes set by switches which you need to read the
instructions for further detail... I liked the remark that to enjoy
the full expansion of the VIC 20, two VIXENS may be used together,
one set to Mode 1 and the other set to Mode 3. This gives 28159
bytes free. Incredible.

Don't worry I have placed the leaflet in a safe place with all my
VIC stuff. So don't lose it again !!!!

PS The VIC 20 I show here is what you call ' A bostin bit of kit '.
For its age it is just unbelievable.

VIC-20 Stonechip Vixen Instructions.

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