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Entry 23rd December 2020: Post 1: Sinclair User Cheats.

Sinclair User Cheats.

I have a modest collection of Sinclair games so I guess you could
say I was and still am a Sinclair user. I was marvelling today on
the number of home made tapes I have with copied games. Time was
we used standard tapes for games, but soon found they were most
unreliable and the tension of the full tape was enough to distort
the data. So we used the C15 tapes of the smaller capacity.

I then reflected on just how many games programs I was able to get
on a single tape. This got me thinking and I waded into my tapes
to try and find compilations and see just how many were able to
get loads on a single tape. What I found is that most used double
tapes and had different stuff on either side.

I was just about done when I found this series of cheat cards in
a tape case that had had the inlay reversed so it looked blank.
The cards were numbered and originated from Sinclair User. I have
never seen this type of card before and kinda wish I had the set.
On the back are cheat codes and lines to insert into the games
and so crack the game to make it easier.

I guess I could try and track some others down. I didn't have much
luck my first search, but it's early days. Yet another project.

Couldn't help putting to one side River Raid. My very first game I
ever played on a home computer/console. Remember that a console by
definition is a machine that has specifically been designed to play
games. So whilst an Atari 'Woody' is, a Sinclair Spectrum isn't.

I'm off to go cheat on some games. I'm such a 'bast***'.

Sinclair User Cheats.

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