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Entry 24th December 2020: Post 1: Electronic Arts and ActiVision.

Electronic Arts and ActiVision.

If you play enough online games and get involved on gaming forums
there seems to be two names that you must never mention. Kinda sad
really cus I have nothing but respect and admiration for both EA
and ActiVision. They seem to have been by my side for a very long
time and their products have served me well.

What more can I say. Here are two titles that were there almost at
the birth of the Amiga. EA certainly were there at the very start.
If you check the records I think that EA were the first to support
the Amiga 1000 with games, with titles like SkyFox, Archon, Seven
Cities of Gold, One on One, Arcticfox and Marble Madness.

I brought these to the blog cus of a request from an Amigan. I also
include the earlier blogs from the beginning of the year.


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Electronic Arts and ActiVision.

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