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Entry 25th December 2020: Post 1: Amiga Games - The quick fix.

Amiga Games - The quick fix.

I was going to call this blog.. 'This week I have been mostly'
but instead I split it into two just for the hell of it. These
are the games that I am enjoying this holiday. Lucky me.

So you are in need of a quick fix , gaming wise, and so what's
better than an Amiga game on just the one disk. So fire up the
Amiga, bang in the one disk and you are made. What more could
you ask for? There were so many games released for the Amiga
that consisted of just the one disk. When you stop and think of
the amount of fun you can have with just one DD 880K disk it
does make you scratch your head and reflect on why so much crap
these days need gigabytes just to bore you solid.

The Amiga proves again just why it was not only a great computer
but also a classic games machine. Don't believe me then go try some
of these wonderful titles for yourself.

Happy days.

Amiga Games - The quick fix.

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