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Entry 25th December 2020: Post 2: Amiga Games - The shortest of days.

Amiga Games - The shortest of days.

I was going to call this blog.. 'This week I have been mostly'
but instead I split it into two just for the hell of it. These
are the games that I am enjoying this holiday. Lucky me.

Don't drink, don't smoke and definitely don't do drugs. So how do
I get my fix. Well the previous post kinda describes one way, the
other is a little more self abusive. Starts with me having those
free days at this time of the year. No pressure. You grab a game
from the goodies you put together just for the season and start to
play. Always happens with a good game.. time just stands still in
your head, whilst real time just whizzes past. Next thing you know
you are sitting in a dark room only to realise it's early morning
and you forgot to eat... and all those other things.

Happened to me again last year when I played HitMan on the PS3 and
realised I lost half a week before coming to the surface. It really
was a dreadful thing that Commodore did shipping Bart with the
Cartoon Classics pack for the holiday season. Cruel .. so cruel.

Do not be fooled by that innocent inviting look of Sid Meier... He
is pure evil. Put that Civilization back in the box an walk away.
And whilst SIM City looks a relatively harmless game... trust me
it is not. Especially when they throw in the Terrain Editor.

So many games like Flashback, Terminator and Lemmings have consumed
me to the point where I needed help to get me off the addiction. So
many days wasted. I can just hear me saying... ' Just one more game '.

So if you see any of these games, walk away dude. Don't stare into
box and never pick up the disk if you want to enjoy more of your break
then do not be tempted. Otherwise the shortest of days will become
that much shorter.

Anyhoo.... Who needs sleep. What day is this ?

Amiga Games - The shortest of days.

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