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Entry 26th December 2020: Post 1: C64 - Video and 1081/TV.

C64 - Video and 1081/TV.

Someone asked about the video out on the C64 'Breadbin' and so to
demonstrate I pulled out of store the Commodore 1081 and Teleton.
The video connector on the back of the C64 can connect to the
SCART on the 1081. I would assume it could also connect to the
TTL RGB though I have only used this with the Amiga [ see second
connector ].

The 1081 has the most options when it comes to connectors and the
screen format colour. Amazing bit of kit.

The TV simply connects what I call the RF or TV out to the aerial
socket on the TV. Channel select can be adjusted but if you use as
I do an old dial style TV monitor then you can set the receiving
channel precisely to the output on any computer. The TV screen  is
only black and white but lets me check most computers for their

The 1701 and the other monitors in the Commodore range provide the
same functions though do vary the connectors. On another I own it
actually has a SCART blanking plate but nothing behind. It is
worth checking the rear connectors and controls before you buy one.

I took a couple of hurried shots of a1084S and Philips to show the
normal Amiga style RGB connector to a 9 PIN D connector.  I have
never used such a connector with the C64.

One word of caution about old monitors. There are five things you
will may not  pick up from an auction description and so you
should ask.

01: Does the monitor smell of fish.

02: Does the monitor give out a high pitched whistle.

03: Does the monitor make a swishing static noise.

04: Does the power button stay depressed when switched on.

05: Has the monitor got its front cover panel over the controls.

06: Can you see a screen image with the brilliance and contrast
set only at half way and then fully turned up.

Also try to get the connectors with the monitor.

C64 - Video and 1081/TV.

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