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Entry 29th December 2020: Post 2: CBM - So is the computer a PET?

CBM - So is the computer a PET?
So is a Commodore CBM 3016, built and released in Europe as a CBM
to avoid the problems with a Dutch company, a Commodore PET? The
computer is distinguished from the PET by the badge and although
technically a PET 2001-16N, a collector would not view this as a
PET or would they ? For me I find using the term is misleading.
The Centre for Computing History refer to these as Commodore PET
3016... but they are wrong. There is no such thing.

The 3xxx series includes the 3xxx series ROMBASIC v3 with a
redesigned keyboard. It also dropped the cassette. All these
things distinguish the machine from the PET.



The list as compiled from the mighty Bo Zimmerman ...

PET 2001 Series:

    PET 2001-4
    PET 2001-8
    PET 2001-8N
    PET 2001-16N
    PET 2001-32N

CBM 2001 Series:

    CBM 2001-16B
    CBM 2001-32B

CBM 3001 Series:

    CBM 3008
    CBM 3016
    CBM 3032

PET 4000 Series:

    PET 4008-N
    PET 4016-N
    PET 4016-12
    PET 4032-N
    PET 4032-N "FAT-40"

CBM 8000 Series:

    CBM 8032
    CBM 8096
    CBM 8032SK
    CBM 8096SK
    CBM 8296 "Execudesk"
    CBM 8296-D "Execudesk"
    PET 200

CBM 9000 Series:

    Commodore SuperPET
    Commodore MMF 9000

And yet sales literature from as late as September 1981 still
use the term PET to describe this range of business machines.
The computer itself does not use the term PET anywhere. And so
who is write and who is wrong? You decide.

CBM - So is the computer a PET?

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