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Entry 30th December 2020: Post 1: Genitizer GT-906 - Back to that Genius Tablet.

Genitizer GT-906 - Back to that Genius Tablet.
I have received another request for the disk for the Genitizer
GT-906. This time the request included a photo-study of the special
interface that allows the tablet to communicate with the Amiga.

This tablet is not an Amiga product. It is designed for the PC.
It was Datel that developed the interface and I assume the software
to allow the unit to be used with the Amiga. Therefore it's kinda
a big problem owning a GT-906 that will no doubt plug straight
into a PC and want to use it on an Amiga without both the disk
and the interface.

I have both and I have already rebuilt the disk to function as it
should. However I cannot distribute this without the authority
of Datel who do still exist. I have tried to communicate with
them and received no response. I did previously help one person
who provided evidence of ownership of the tablet, though I am
minded not to do so a second time. Further, I cannot split open
a device that could both damage the casing and break the circuits.
Again I suggest that contact be made to Datel.

I do not sell any of my kit and the aim here is to maintain what
I have in as good a condition as possible. This site is not a site
with a purpose of providing services and or kit to others to enable
them to restore equipment. My site is an information site that
simply makes people aware of what was in existence at the time of
the Amiga. How others procure and refurbish what they have is not
of my concern. I take no responsibility for what I show here as
the site dedicates itself to my private collection. The computers
kit and software are my own personal property and no person other
than me has any rights or control over the usage or distribution.
I receive requests for many things and my response is always the
same... Sadly 'no'.

Anyhoo.. back to the Gentizer.

To hook this tablet up you plug the 25 D type connector into the
small interface unit provided and then plug the interface into the
serial port on the Amiga. I do not believe that the interface is a
'DONGLE'. If it were then that is even more reason not to break it
open as that would also be used to copy protect the unit. I am of
the view that the serial interface of the Amiga needs the unit
so that the commands from the tablet can divert from the PC serial
to an Amiga serial. It may simply be a case of analysing the PC
serial and working out how to connect that to an Amiga. Only the
makers would know.

Having spent a lifetime it seems on a drawing board as an architect
and also as a CAD jockey drawing buildings with AutoCAD I fully
understand how a tablet works. I can say with confidence they were
a load of junk and not worth the effort. From Release 11 we moved
away from the clicking commands from templates to simply an icon
responsive interface from the monitor display. Also as an avid
animation creator I found the quickest way to animate is with a
pencil and tracing paper and then a scanner or digitizer. Using a
tablet is a truly slow and most uncreative way of doing things. To
be creative you need to very quickly get fluid lines generated
from your imagination. And the pencil is still way more mighty
than the computer. Unless you have a very very expensive system
that can generate full 3D CG-animations based on object modelling.

I have finally put the box back in store and I have no plans of
taking it out in the near future. Never used it. Never will.

Genitizer GT-906 - Back to that Genius Tablet.

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