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Entry 30th December 2020: Post 2: Amiga Shopper - Issue 3 July 1991.

Amiga Shopper - Issue 3 July 1991.

I never warmed to Amiga Shopper. The pages always had the feel of
a newspaper. They discoloured very quickly and went yellow even
in the early days. I did start to buy the magazine when the paper
improved and when the disks became more useful.

Turning to the edition in question it appears to be the only one
that I could track down as having anything to do with the GT-906.
In the end it was only an advert.

I acquired a full set of Shopper from a fellow Amigan along with
the majority of disks. It is a quite brilliant publication as it
focusses on technical information and advice rather than the
usual review of games.

Just take a peek through the pages of this early edition. The
mag is such a valuable resource, even with the faded pages. So
go buy some old copies and start your very own collection.

Amiga Shopper - Issue 3 July 1991.

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