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Entry 23rd December 2021: Post 1: Amiga User International - Just vanished.

Amiga User International - Just vanished.
It was very sad to discover in May 1997 that Amiga User International
had ceased publishing. Whilst they were never a favourite of mine
I still enjoyed the odd publication. The problem I had with AUI is
that the cover disks were so hard to read, especially in the dim
light of the newsagents. They also loved having coloured lettering
on less than complimentary coloured backgrounds. The programs did
tend to be Aminet style PD applications and not many of the bigger
titles. That being said it did feed me with a whole mass of goodies
and surprisingly I have nearly every one of the cover disks.

Anyhoo someone was asking about the publication and I had to dig
around to find just when they stopped issuing mags. Seems that in
May 1997 they published the last copy number 11(5). There is nothing
in the magazine to suggest this to be the last copy. I do have the
disks but sadly do not have the magazine. I have a PDF of the May 97
edition from the very wonderful BombJack.

One particular annoyance about AUI cover disks is that the second
disk was generally an NDOS disk making it impossible to both read
and or make an ADF back up. The first disk always fired up the menu
and so you used that to access the second. So having the second
disk only was pretty useless.

Anyhoo, not to be defeated by the NDOS I decided today to include
on the blog all six disks that de-compress from the original two.
I also include the magazine pages for the disks, disk images and
the pdf that I 'half inched' from BombJack. So that should cover 
most of the final bases. I have also included an ADF of the first 
disk 105 which lets you copy it. Sadly the second is NDOS.

So here we go... ADF frenzy of the six decrunched disks for the 
very last Amiga User International May 97 11(5).

Some credits: Antony Jacobson [ Managing Editor ], Zahid Rafiq,
Anthony Mael, Martin Witton, David Ward Bud Vennos, John Russel,
Shelley Hannan, Ashley Cotter-Cairns, Steve Bowie, Paul Overaa,
Kevin Bryan, Andy Eskelson, Sarah-Jane Clifford-Jones.

Design: Gareth Chisholm and Graham Baldock

Amiga User International Unit 2 Utopia Village 7 Chalcot Road
London NW1 8LX. Colour Repro Ford Graphics Ringwood Hants.

Disk 105 uncompressed | PDF of AUI May 97

(A)Games Disk 1 | (B)Games Disk 2 | (C)Utilities Disk 1

(D)Utilities Disk 2 | (E)Utilities Disk 3 | (F)Utils Disk 4

Amiga User International - Just vanished.

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