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Entry 8th December 2022: Post 1: Amstrad - The Colour of Magic.

Amstrad - The Colour of Magic.

It is always nice to trip across a bit of fantasy whilst sifting
through old retro games. For some reason I had not noticed this
particular gem during my gaming adventures and so I decided to
fire up the CPC464 and have a look.

The Colour of Magic is a Terry Pratchett fantasy comedy novel
from the year 1983. This was the first book in the Discworld set.
The first printing of this book was of a limited edition and so
when I realised the video game of the same name was pretty much
a complete version of the book, I kinda got a little excited.

For those not familiar with Discworld you have to appreciate that
the story is set on a planet sized flat disc being carried through
space on the back of four gargantuan elephants who are actually
standing on the shell of a giant star turtle. Bonkers.

In the game you play Rincewind a youthful wizard who is charged
with guiding the very four eyed Twoflower , who is Discworld's
first tourist.

The game is the creation of Delta 4 and released by Piranha. The
named authors are Judith Child, Fergus McNeill and Colin Bucket.

The game tape loaded very strange as I completed a very very long
process only to simply get to nothing. No response other than a
message about having to load the many parts. I then tried side
2 [ numbered 3/4] and had a failed first strike. The next program
appeared to be for Game 1 and loaded no problem. It is a basic
text adventure where you build up a rapport with the computer by
inserting text that you may think will get a response. The fun is
trying to guess what you need to do.

Anyhoo, I do like fantasy and was tempted to research further any
other work in the series.

Just a note that the instructions are on the back of the 'fly-sheet'.
That was my very first challenge.

Amstrad - The Colour of Magic.

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