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Entry 9th December 2022: Post 1: Amiga PD - The Mark of K-RAM.

Amiga PD - The Mark of K-RAM.

A while back I did a feature on a collection of PD disks I have
for the K-RAM public domain set. I was fortunate enough to obtain
a box full of the disks which included the usual array of utilities
games, music etc . The location of the supplier was Bexhill-
on-Sea, but other than that I had very little information. I was
hopeful that there was some link to the Kuma software.

Anyhoo I had this mail from a guy called Joe that knew of the PD
supplier and also that K-RAM was the owners name backwards.. Mark.

Here is the mail: 

I lived in the town where K-ram computers was.

It was a computer shop run by a guy called mark I believe (I think
he took k-ram as itís mark backwards).

He always had a good selection of Amiga games, as well as pc, ps1
etc... he also had some AD&D books too.

I used to get loads of PD Disks from him back in the 90ís. I
remember him writing to disk from a CD32 with an SX1 or SX32 attached.

Iím not sure where he got the PD Disk images from ( I think they
were in DMS format) but I must have purchased a hundred or so over
the years it was open as they were cheap and I was a Kid!

I donít think thereís any relation to K-SEKA or K-Gadget unfortunately.

The original store closed after either a burglary or a fire and
re-opened in Sackville road, when it finally closed, it became a
fishing tackle shop (which I thought was really boring).

Iím not sure whatever happened to the chap that used to run it,
Iíve not thought of looking until I needed to use Relokick (which
also came on one of his PD Disks)



[ My response ]

What can I say. Real valuable information for me. So little is
recorded about the guys that ran PD houses. There must have been
so much history and actual disks etc that were lost when guys like
this gave up. To actually put together a full collection of any
of these PD suppliers is impossible in truth. So any fragment,
however small, just fills in a few very valuable blanks in the
history of the Amiga. I am sure the box that I acquired was probably
just one of many that have since vanished. I so wish I could find

I actually found the auction from my search of the Kuma software.
Not sure why these sets have never really found their way onto
auction sites. I only recently uploaded a copy of one of their
manuals for someone. I had kinda hoped I had found the source but
hey like many things it wasn't to be.

Again thanks so much, and I hope you don't mind if I update my
blog over the next few days with some of what you mentioned. It
really does help. So if you remember anything else just let me

Amiga PD - The Mark of K-RAM.

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