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Entry 11th December 2022: Post 1: PrinzSound TR9 - Compact Cassette Recorder.

PrinzSound TR9 - Compact Cassette Recorder.

Added another item to my PrinzSound collection and this time just
the cassette tape recorder and not the radio. This year I started
to piece together an early seventies radio cassette collection of
the Dixons trademark era. The PrinzSound was a label that Dixons
branded for kit made in Japan. The theme is fake wood and being
portable. This seemed to be all the rage in the day.

I have absolutely no information again about the TR9 other than
what you see in the pictures. The unit probably came with a
carrying case and microphone plus the instructions. The number
of the unit indicates its line in the production stream ie No 9.
The TR simply means Tape Recorder as opposed to RTR Radio Tape

The shiny metal work is a little scratched which looks deliberate.
On the front panel, which has the standard piano key arrangement,
there is a VU for record levels and volume and tone control. The
actual inputs are to the front of the unit which is unusual for
recorders of the day. It also has the all important remote socket
which is so useful for computer data.

The age of this is difficult to determine but early seventies is
about as close as I can give. The recorder has a low serial number
being just 395. It wasn't my intention to collect just recorders
as my primary interest was the radio cassette, however, this looks
to be the same era as my RTR16. You may recall that I have been
trying to locate a replacement for my RTR16 which I no longer have.

Anyhoo, I am likely to have another addition soon and will keep
you advised with updates.

PrinzSound TR9 - Compact Cassette Recorder.

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