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Entry 12th December 2022: Post 1: CUAmiga July 95 - No reason.

CUAmiga July 95 - No reason.

I've had these pictures kicking around in last months folder and
I was about to archive them when I decided I would shove them on
to today's blog.... no reason. I'm knee deep in Warcraft and with
the colder weather I have spent little time on the bench, so it
didn't seem a bad idea.

A month or so ago I was looking for magazines and disks relating
to OctaMED and I came across this particular mag and one feature
on GroundZero PD led me to an old Amstrad game. That is how it
works here very often, from OctaMED to the CPC464. Or not as it

Anyhoo I took the pics as a record of what I did that day, with
little intention of using them, but when you are struggling in
Everlook with a fresh level 11 fire mage and basking in the warmth
of a spot by the computer, it gets hard to pull yourself away. So
no apologies for just showing the best bits of CU for July 1995.

Happy days... Man I just love these cold days. Invigorating.

CUAmiga July 95 - No reason.

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