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Entry 13th December 2022: Post 1: Frustration resolved - Homeless no more.

Frustration resolved - Homeless no more.

Quite a few months back I featured a tin full of orphaned game
pieces. I said then that I would find homes for all the sad little
game parts. True to me word I have now assembled the full games
and restored them all to their former glory. The last game to
return home was Frustration, a game that I played endlessly as a
kid. And yes it was very frustrating at times.

The game was first launched in the USA as Trouble by Milton Bradley.
It found its way to the UK and renamed as Frustration and sold by
Peter Pan Playthings of Peterborough.

The game features a wonderful device called the 'POP-O-MATIC' which
not only rolls [pops] the dice for you, but also guarantees you
never lose the thing. Taking turns your aim is to get your four
colour pieces home just below the 'POP-O-MATIC'. Your efforts can
be thwarted by another player landing on your piece and forcing you
to return all the way back to base. You also can't start till you
throw a six. Simple yet very addictive.

Anyhoo, that was that. From my little adventure earlier this year
into my past younger life I have now assembled my Airfix soldiers,
my Subbuteo, Cluedo, Risk and finally Frustration. I still have to
find that PrinzSound but hey, it's only a lifetime.

Not sure what is next now... guess it is back to the Amiga. Or Warcraft.

Frustration resolved - Homeless no more.

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