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Entry 25th December 2022: Post 1: PrinzSound TR8 - Cassette Recorder.

PrinzSound TR8 - Cassette Recorder.

Yet another PrinzSound classic finds its way into the collection.
This time I go even further back along the chain to the TR8. As
ever, the distinguishing features being the fake wood and the
portability of the unit being supported by batteries. I have
thought about widening the perimeters of the collection, but for
now those two basic features will suffice.

Again I have no information about the unit other than it sits
within that early seventies bracket. You recall that these units
were rebadged by Dixons with the PrinzSound name having been
manufactured originally in Japan.

The unit has suffered only minor damage over the years with some
of the colouring missing to the fascia. I was a little surprised
to discover the batteries inside.

There is the added bonus of the microphone which I assume is the
one that came with the machine, though their is no pocket for it.

Inside the tape enclosure was a Glen Miller cassette from 1986
though this has no significance to the machine.

What I was pleased about was that some of the characteristics of
the cassette recorder are similar to those of my PrinzSound that
started this whole adventure. I may not have been able to find
a replacement for my cassette radio but I certainly have many of
the component parts albeit in the form of features on other
machines. All adds to the picture though.

I will be adding more to the collection during the coming year
and I am seriously searching for written data on the products. It
does seem to be the case that little documentation is in general
circulation. Hopefully I can fill in some of the spaces.

PrinzSound TR8 - Cassette Recorder.

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