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Entry 26th December 2022: Post 1: Samsung SyncMaster T240HD TV Monitor.

Samsung SyncMaster T240HD TV Monitor.

It is getting harder and harder locating good all round monitors
for your retro needs. For the last 11 years I have been sat in
front of this Samsung monitor which has been just magic. It has
been repaired once in its lifetime, but other than that just a
brilliant monitor. Type Samsung SyncMaster T240HD.

I have four of these types of monitor in various sizes. I have a
smaller one hooked up for my retro needs on the bench, a bigger
one used with my PS4 and another used with an XP machine in the
workshop. Each has the benefit of not only PC standard monitor
connections but DVI-D, SCART and HDMI. With all those connections
on the back you are covered for everything. It even has composite
and audio connections and headphone socket.

Anyhoo, when a SyncMaster T240 HD came up on the Bay in what was
described as mint condition I snapped it up. Just sixty quid and
in its original box with all the original packaging. Not only a
very useful monitor but also a collectors dream. This gives me
yet another valuable option for supporting my retro computers.

I have left the monitor in the original box and it is so well
packaged I have decided not to remove from the box. It came to
the house with no other packaging than the box itself and so has
parcel tape holding it closed. I have used today some images
from the auction which I trust the previous owner doesn't object
to. I also hope the monitor is working. It now sits top of the
landing and does make me smile each time I come out from the

Samsung SyncMaster T240 HD 24" Digital TV Monitor
1080p Full HD support. Includes 2 x HDMI
On this computer I have resolution at 1920 x 1200.

Like I say brilliant monitor if you are looking for a SCART RGB
and or DVi or PC connectors. Also you can flick between your kit
and have your PS4, older PC, Amiga and modern PC all connected
at the same time. And this in its day was an actual TV. With
SCART becoming rare it is worth snapping one up when they appear.

Samsung SyncMaster T240HD TV Monitor.

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