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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2018

Entry 19th February 2018: Post: 1

Back the **** up !! - Colorado Hell

Time was we had to put tools down on a Friday afternoon to the
shout across the office from our tech guy... ' Sorry guys I need
to back the **** up '. He used a quite disgusting term there, but
in truth it reflected a hate for the tape back up. We all hated
the tape back up. It prevented us from working late on Friday
when it was our busiest at getting stuff out. And, it really was
a complete and utter waste of time as none of us had the first
clue how to retrieve stuff should the drives fall over.

On inserting the tape it would go through the motions of endless
winding and rewinding. Once ready it would then take another age
to copy the weeks work from all the machines. Fortunately we never
ever needed to use it and by the start of the 2000s we were using
CDs and then USBs to back drawings and files up.

The Colorado became obsolete and to be truthful it probably represents
one bit of technology that I would not ever miss and certainly never
want to use again. So in trying to get the Jumbo 350 working I was
really just trying to scratch an irritating itch, to see if it
still annoyed me...... And it did.

I had little problem installing the 350 together with the software.
Sadly after destroying six tapes I decided to call it a day. The
drive fires up as does the software. But sadly it just goes into an
endless loop and eventually tells me the tape is bust. Which it is.
So I gave up in the end I just gave up. I do have another but maybe, 
just maybe the tapes are so fragile now. They are 20 years plus old.

Also notice form the screen images a fault with a Mitsubishi monitor.
I noticed it during last year. It is as if the film on the inside
of the outer screen glass is slowly perishing. It has only happened
on this screen. There may have been some impact damage over its
lifetime. Difficult to say.

I failed anyway.... Not tempted to have another go. Well not yet.
Thankfully I have full back ups of the tapes on CD and hard drives.
Not that I really need the information any more.


No tape

Busted !!!!

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