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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2018

Entry 22nd February 2018: Post: 1

Sinclair Spectrum - Rotronics WafaDrive

Busy day today so I will have to be swift with my blog notes.

Following on from my review of the C64 equivalent and also my fun
and games with the Colorado I thought I would take a look at the
Rotronics Wafadrive. This uses a 'stringy floppy' tape loop which
is a continuous tape and can run at high and low speed evidently.
The unit was launched in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and was created
to compete with Sinclair's own Microdrive.

Also today I found with the Wafadrive the Genius Mouse for the
Spectrum which I bought new in the day but never found anything I
could use it with. So still mint unused in its original box.

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