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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2018

Entry 24th February 2018: Post: 1

OK for those following my blogs will know that for six months now
I have been trying to locate my MegaloSound cartridge. I know that
I had become annoyed by the times the cartridge fell out of the
book as it was not held within a box. I recall deciding to place
the cartridge in a safe place but couldn't for the life of me recall
just where I put it. So I have been opening every software box etc
that I can lay my hands on trying to uncover the thing.

The last two days I have been emptying my Commodore C64 area in the
hope that it may have fallen behind the desk. I do recall moving to
this area when I was trying to find a home for the cartridge. Sadly
I did not find the cartridge but was pleased to uncover a whole bag
of other goodies. See below.

And so to today and me sitting in the small room resigned to the fact
that I probably will not be finding the cartridge any time soon.
I was looking over my wall of disk boxes and noted again the Perfect
Sound cartridge sitting front of a disk box. I then noted the only
disk box that I have that does not have a plastic clear lid. I then
bent down and opened the large white disk drawer and to my amazement
there inside at the very front was the MegaloSound cartridge. Quite
unbelievable. I recall now placing it in the drawer with the DR T's
software and MicroDeal software. Job done as they say....

So what am I still missing. Interestingly after 12 months of unpacking
and placing all items in a more available format I am lost only two
items or types of item. I cannot find a number of my TechnoSound Turbo
samplers and associated kit. I also have a number of C64 music cartridges
that have gone walkies. And yes I am already on the case.

And so here it is... that annoying cartridge and a number of less
annoying items that I uncovered whilst undertaking my search.

Thanks for reading.

Interestingly I also found a second copy
of the manual. Which was nice. I have placed
the cartridge and books in an old MiniOffice
box. So if I forget you can remind me

Whenever I go on the hunt for items I tend
to uncover other things. Yesterday I found
my lost Checkmate A1500 keyboard for the
second of my Checkmates. Thing is the keyboard
holds all the electronics and circuits for the
keyboard so a standard 2000 won't do. I was so
pleased to find it as I had been using just the
one I had on both computers

I have been wanting to do a review of the
Sanyo MBC-550 for ages now but couldn't cus
I had lost the keyboard. So imagine how pleased
I was to uncover the very keyboard.

Found my missing stash of Amiga World

Plus some other rare magazines including
the very wonderful Your Amiga

And there was more as I uncovered a batch
of Popular Computing Weekly

And Home Computing Weekly. These two publications
are so useful for tracking the history of older
computers. Especially in the UK. You really can
read the stories as they actually happened

So sad the last ever issue of CU Amiga

And the special edition of Amiga Format

I have a pile of stuff from my gaming years
and this is some of the paperwork from EB or
Electronics Boutique before they were bought
out by Game in the UK. This marks my time on
the Dreamcast when that platform was also
sadly on the decline

Good old Lara and the Dreamcast

And the very bag from my Dreamcast purchase

Man did I search high and low for this
the other month following a request

I placed two bits of software for the Amiga
that I discovered a while back to add to the
disk list and then completely lost them again.
Yesterday they revealed themselves ... so funny.
The first is Tyro a video editing program

The second is the incredibly popular
Cashbook Controller. Come on someone
must have found this useful. I mean so
how else are you going to control your
cashbook. From those wonderful Digita folk

This is classic. AMOS Pro for just 3.50
And the box is so heavy and complete.

So many Amiga magazines with the disks
still attached to the front covers

OK bottom of the stack now and a special
mention to this very wonderful power supply
for the C64 my Mighty Micro

Don't you just love the way they styled
the casing to match the C64C. I mean
today nobody would even bother.

And finally the PSU for the Commodore Plus/4
only cus I see how many struggle with the
square connector Commodore added to this kit.
I am told they did revert to the circular
in the end. I'd be lost without it

All working... Magic

The end to a perfect day. All safely
rehoused and stored.... Hmmm. So where
did I put that bloody cartridge ?

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