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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2018

Entry 25th February 2018: Post: 1


Flick through the pages of any of the popular Amiga magazines of
the day and you will find a number of prominent names appearing
over and over again. One such name will be that of HiSoft. For me
I definitely was very aware of their product range and development
tools, most significantly with my years using the Squirrel. I was
so desperate to get the ZIP drive in the day and eventually did
fit the PCMCIA rodent with great success.

Most that remember HiSoft most likely remember their Devpac range
and BASIC software. The software was just magical and always came
in largish easy to use folders and boxes willed with disks.

I was so pleased to see that HiSoft still exist today and are most
proud to refer to their early work with so many of the other early
platforms. And so having found that Megalo was also included on one
of their disks I thought I would feature some of their work here.

OK let me start by hooking up an Amiga 1200

This machine is fitted with a Typhoon

Courtesy of Power Computing

The board is quite responsive and even
has an SCSI adaptor for easy connection

This is one of my many library boxes
that I reserve for special disks that
I tend to use a lot and need to move
around with me. Having the small box
just makes the process that much easier

Inside we find MegaloSound

Squirrel ZIP tools

Devpac disks

Some ARexx stuff

And other useful bits and pieces

OK the A1200 powers up no problem
This computer is used every day

Decrunching Megalo

Megalosound v1.39

Loads in sample and working just fine

The usual SysInfo readout

And my makeshift accelerator cooler

And so to those magazine adds

Pick up any Amiga mag of the day

And you will find HiSoft featured

For me I was interested in the Squirrel

And here is the little critter

All wonderfully packaged

For most though HiSoft meant Devpac


OK there you have it a small window
into the world of HiSoft for the Amiga

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