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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 1st February 2020: Post 01: The A4000T and Tub 34.

The A4000T and Tub 34.

I'm sure that there are those that visit this site that collect as
I do, and appreciate the challenge of storage. It is one thing to pile
kit in tubs and the like, but another when it comes to trying to
find items and then retrieve them. Over the years I have managed
to archive record most things, but occasionally I do find rogue
storage boxes and or tubs that have not been listed.

And so today I was trying to find two things. First my third PicassoIV
card which was an easy find as it was located within my A4000T. And
the second an Amiga emulator card, which I am convinced if it does
exist is inside one of my A2000s. And that may be a problem as I
have four of these things locked deep under heavy storage.

I had no problem uncovering the A4000T, though I resisted removing it
from storage. The bigger problem was with TUB 34 which has a quite
large monitor on top and a store of old monitor stands and drive
caddies plus busted floppy drives inside.

I have around 35 tubs of varying size which whilst very handy to
stack, make recovery from lower tubs a touch tricky. A few years
back I disposed of all my cardboard storage boxes as they were
steadily crushing under the weight, and I could never see what was
inside. Most of what I have is on shelves for easy access. Sadly
though I do stack stuff in front of shelves.

Worst problem with storage is insect attack. The biggest issue in
the UK is spiders. They will find their way in and shit on all
your nice white and brightly coloured boxes. I have placed plastic
bags around boxes but they make the collection feel sterile. I
do enjoy reaching up and grabbing items to use and so storing
items so packaging is visible makes retrieval very easy. It also
looks way better. So I have to keep moving items around keeping
the place as clean as possible.

So I set too moving the monitor and emptying the tub, yet again,
and this time recorded all the items I had failed to record last
time. Mostly cards and junk items in truth. Odd items that I
had removed from computers in the past. There was a lot of PC
sound cards and the like inside which I didn't bother photographing.

One goodie amongst the items was a Pheonix RAM card for a 500+
which I will use in one of my computers. That definitely should
not have been in there. Weird that.

Here are some images of what I found. I may add a list later, though
for now these are just the pictures. If you see any spiders then
do let me know.

The A4000T and Tub 34.

The A4000T was sleeping so I didn't disturb her.

Fully loaded Picasso IV card.
That's the last of the three.

Various size plastic storage tubs.

Tubs do sit in front of storage shelves.

Storage can get a little hectic at times.

TUB 34

Commodore 2065 Ethernet Card.

A4000d daughter board.

GVP A2000 Impact HC Rev 4.

Cybervision graphics card.

Commodore AT Emulator card.

GVP A3000 PYA/PYE Impact Vision 24.

Amiga 4000d/030 processor board.

Them disks shouldn't be in here !!

Big box buffer with Catweasel connector.

VGA port connector.

Hypercom Plus 3/4 serial parallel interface.

SCSI interface for the A4000T.

Pheonix RAM board for the A500 Plus.

IOBLIX 1200 ... connects to clock port.

This should be with my Catweasel.

Unused barrel batteries.

Just two of the many busted floppy drives.

A4000d power supply unit.

VLab video graphics card.

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