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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 1st February 2020: Post 05: Yahoo Group - Membership is closed.

Yahoo Group - Membership is closed.

I closed membership on this group some years back and haven't accepted 
any new members since then.

When Yahoo recently made their changes to the groups they made the 
archives available to download. I can confirm that I have done this. I 
already had all the posts on file anyway.

Lately I have been receiving requests from folk wanting to join the 
group for the purpose of downloading the archive. This is not going to 

So if anyone reading the group posts is thinking of joining the group 
and or wanting the group archive then sorry the group is now formally 
closed and I will not be accepting any further membership requests. I 
have tried to tinker with the group settings but it appears to have 
little functionality now, particularly since I made the group private 
some years back. There have been numerous times when trying to use the 
Yahoo Groups interface that it has been busted and or corrupt in some 
way. Over time they did try to remedy things, but I sense they have long 
given up with maintaining the Groups. Maybe wrong, and it maybe just 
something I was doing wrong, so really can't be sure either way. Yahoo 
were entangled in a hacking scare some while back and that may have made 
them rethink the interface... who knows.

AnyYahoo... the Group remains a mailing list for those that are 
currently members and wish to communicate. However in terms of the 
future it really is a dead horse and the archive like the group is private.

Just saying.

How you dooooooin ?


Yahoo Group - Membership is closed.

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