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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 2nd February 2020: Post 02: Amiga 500 - PLUS the disk box.

Amiga 500 - PLUS the disk box.

For me as a collector of Amigas it has always been very important
to try and capture the essence of the previous user and to attempt
to keep the machines hardware and software together. What that
means is if a computer came with peripherals, boxes, drives and
disks plus disk boxes I record and store items together. With the
disks this means keeping the disk boxes together untouched. What
is interesting from the process is looking at the disks and making
a judgement as to the type of user.

I was fumbling about trying to find an old 2.04 disk and reflected
on the comment above in respect of the contents of this disk box.
There were almost no original disks, and yet the 2.04 Workbench
had been copied and modified with a different mouse pointer. Hardly
any games in the box which was unusual. Quite a lot of text editors
and desktop publishing titles.

From the disks it looks like an Amiga 500 Plus user. The software 
is quite old and much reflects cover disk software, though not 

I have myself written in darker ink what is on the disks when I
checked to see they were working. And they do work cus if they
didn't they would have gone into the very sad busted disk bank.

There are two names mixed amongst the disks .. Dave and Paul. So if
you once owned the disks then maybe drop me a line. My guess is a
father and son.

Amiga 500 - PLUS the disk box.

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