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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 7th February 2020: Post 01: Amiga 590 - Dip the ZIP.

Amiga 590 - Dip the ZIP.

Watched a video on YouTube where this guy uses the SCSI in an Amiga
590 to boot his Amiga 1000 and A500 by using an Iomega ZIP drive
via the SCSI port.

I decided to pull an A590 that I have that whilst having a broken
hard drive still has the main board and memory working. I first
replaced a couple of screws and gave the unit a good look over.

So did it work..? Did it **ck !! The video on YouTube skips over a
few basic details like DIP settings and setting up the mount file. I
doubt very much this was just a seek process of the ZIP without
first setting up the ZIP with some kind of hard disk format. When
I use the ZIP drive I can set up ZIP disks so they act as hard drives.
To the extent that the disks will not be read unless they are in
the drive when first booted.

Anyhoo gave me a chance to play with the A590. I really only wanted
it to work with a ZIP cus this unit does not have the hard drive.
My other 590s have hard drives working so no need for the ZIP. Also
ZIP drives are a rarity now and I tend to keep them safe given that
one actually fell over last year.

I did refer to the service manual and the guide for the A590 Plus
for DIP switch settings and the like. On the 1200 with the Squirrel
the ZIP drive lights up when I first boot showing the initial
handshaking that goes on. That occurs even before the mountfile
kicks in for the Squirrel and the DOSDriver.

Never mind. Worth a try.

Amiga 590 - Dip the ZIP.

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