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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 8th February 2020: Post 01: Amiga 1000 - Golem Megabit.

Amiga 1000 - Golem Megabit.

This is the Amiga 1000 RAM expansion that fits into the side of
the computer. The Golem Megabit was sold to me as a RAM expansion
for the Amiga 500. For years its just sat there until I realised
it was for the Amiga 1000. Amazingly this came with 2MB RAM and
then could be expanded with 2MB at a time up to max 6MB. This
unit is a 6MB having been fully expanded with Golem Rambanks.
The RAM is socketed and uses DRAM chips.

Not sure if it works as the Megabit came with a special 1.1 kick
which I don't have. The light comes on so maybe its just a disk

I also have the Golem floppy drive which looks pretty neat what
with the side LED and all.

Not much else I can add. If you look at images of expanded Amiga
1000 computers you may just see one of these and then another
expansion daisy chained through the side of it. The unit has the
pass thro connected to the side expansion slot. Unlike the A500
the slot is on the right hand side on the original Amiga. That's
quite a lot of RAM for a machine of this age I have to say. One
last thing the Gmb you see is Gmbh which is short for.....
“Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung,” a Germany company with
limited liability and not 6mb.

Amiga 1000 - Golem Megabit.

Golem floppy drive

I dug out some boxes and was pleasantly surprised
to find a drive with an LED side display

Complete with track display. Amazing

The back of the track display unit is switched

My goodness the drive is a GOLEM

As to what this does I have no idea
It looks like a straight pass through
with no markings on the unit

What it did do was immobilise the drive

Like maybe one of these ...

Which is an XCOPY cartridge.

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