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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 9th February 2020: Post 01: Apricot - Xi springs into ACTion.

Apricot - Xi springs into ACTion.

Colour me surprised. I was simply cleaning the Apricot Xi and
checking the computer was working when suddenly I was greeted
a boot screen. I near fell over. This computer has been stuck
on the initial requester screen since I got it like 15 years
ago. I just left the thing running while I poked around with
cotton buds... and then the boot screen appeared and it loaded
a tools program.

The monitor looks a bit banged up cus I believe they did have
a mesh screen over the front. The green wording and lines on
the screen burn into the image and leaves a ghost each time
the screen changes. Also the information on the screen also
appears on the Microscreen on the keyboard and I'm even getting
the lights relating to the window functions on the keyboard.

I was able to access files on the disc which was a little hit
and miss booting up.

This is the entry for Old Computers Website

I have also included a previous blog of mine showing the machine.
I never really thought it would work without the floppy so
that is a bonus. Wasn't sure if I could replicate the boot from the
hard disc so I very quickly set up the camera and took some
quick pictures.

Incredible. She just burst into life. All on her own.

Apricot Xi made by ACT in 1984
Full stroke keyboard withy dynamic function keys.
CPU is an Intel 8086 running at around 5 MHz
RAM is 256 Kb up to 768 Kb
Has a 3.5" floppy drive which shows most of its guts
through the slot so that's the reason for the cover.
Runs MS-DOS 2.0 and CP/M 86 though tends to run its own stuff.

Apricot - Xi springs into ACTion.

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