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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 11th February 2020: Post 01: Atari 520STFM - Very similar.

Atari 520STFM - Very similar.

Dunno why I thought the Atari 520 would be smaller than the 1040
but with a few of these kicking about, and trust me I do kick
them, I had overlooked this little ST, thinking it was the other
machine. Confused, well it gets better. I recall collecting coins
when I was younger and some pennies created during 1918 had a
little letter or letters next to the date signifying that it was
not made at the Royal Mint but at KN-Kings Norton or H-Birmingham.
So when you pick up a 1040 or 520 be sure to check the letters
next to the ST cus it could say STF - FM or E.

The STF was the ST but with floppy and power inside the case. And
then you get the 1040 of the same variants but with 1MB memory.
Then we get the STFM which includes the modulator. Onward to the
STE and this has the enhanced joystick ports. Each variant of the
520 and 1040 has other features, but from physical inspection
when trying to pick one out of a line up its a bit tricky and
you need to look for the small letters and those enhanced ports.
The computer number 520 refers I guess to the memory ie 512KB.

Think F for floppy, M for modulator and E for enhanced ports.
There was also the TT and Falcon.. but that is another story.

So I moved the Amstrad CPC464 and MAC keyboard out of the way
and plugged the 520STFM into the black and white TV to see if is
was working. And she was. Kinda dull as soup so I put her back.
I can see why I overlooked the computer now.

So why am I so hard on the Atari. Basically I need a hard drive
with computers of this type. With the Amiga 500 I always had the
A590 or the GVP. I do have a hd with the falcon, but all these
other Atari machines just have the floppy. I know there is a GEM
desktop but its hardly inspiring. The machine kicks in and you
wait for this slow cycle to get to the green screen and then it
is all floppy based. I don't like the interface, I hate the mouse
sticking out the bottom of the machine. I don't use a 500 without
a hard drive, it's one of the reasons I never use the 1000.

Most of what is on the Atari is on the Amiga anyway, game wise
so it's about what you are accustom to using, and I prefer the Amiga.

That's all, just wanted to see if it was working.

Atari 520STFM from 1986 using a Motorola MC68000 running at 8MHz.

Atari 520STFM - Very similar.

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