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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 18th February 2020: Post 01: Universe - Not really a Core game.

Universe - Not really a Core game.

OK you play Boris Verne who has been sent on an errand and having
been sucked into a parallel universe is dumped onto this low
atmosphere planetoid.

This is the second of Cores outings into the graphic adventure genre
having released the first of this very short series Curse of Enchantia.
Universe happened to be also their last of this type as they then
went onto to do other things. None more so than Tomb Raider.

Anyway your task if you so decide to take the challenge is to guide
your hero by mouse pointer only using a series of games icons to
resolve this graphics adventure.

' .. Encounter weird alien worlds and their even weirder alien
inhabitants. Guide Boris on an action-packed chase across the
gulfs of space to find a fabled lost star. Help him find the key
to defeating the evil Golden King who rules his UNIVERSE! '

I have to say I wasn't too keen on this game. I did try, I can assure
you but when you can't find your way off the first planet you arrive
on and it's like sparse of anything to the extreme, then it does get
a little boring. For me if I can't pick up and run with a game
within five minutes it tends to get dumped back in the box.

Saying that I am a great fan of Core. They gave me the classic Banshee
which was a hoot an a half. And given their development of the later
Lara Croft series, for me they can't put a foot wrong. And so I may
give Universe another go... er or not. Probably not.

There is a demo on an Amiga Format cover disk if you don't want to
shell out for the whole game. Plus a pretty good guide in AF and
Amiga Computing. Probably more. Was very popular in the day. Well
I 'fink' so.... Flashback is better. For me not really a Core game,
and I can see why they gave up with the series after this one.

Have fun.

Interestingly I did find the disk ' Shadow Dancer' in with Enchantia
which was not recognised by the Amiga. Maybe a save disk. The game is
on CU Amiga cover disk 12 as a side scrolling beat-em'up.

Universe - Not really a Core game.

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