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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 26th February 2020: Post 01: Eyetech EZ-Tower - Down but not out.

Eyetech EZ-Tower - Down but not out.

There is line from Big Bang by Sheldon Cooper that goes ....
"Oh Gravity, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch". I reflect on this every 
single time my Eyetech EZ-Tower starts playing up. This computer 
is a bit of a Frankenstein that I built from all my spare bits I had 
lying around the workshop. I really am not a great fan of the A1200 
in a tower and wouldn't do it myself had I not had these spare bits 
at my disposal. Sadly though, after about three months of active use
she starts to play up and then just refuses to boot. However, after
I remove the board and then reconnect back up she will work fine.
I have her running on an Iiyima VGA monitor generally though this
is not featured here.

She hasn't worked since the new year and so I removed the motherboard
first and tested that for any faults. And so this is how the day went.

By the way I have like over 30 Amiga 1200s working and I never like
ever think it's a capacitor issue. And if you can't spot a failing PSU
just by listening to it then you are nor going to get very far using
Amiga kit. Suffice to say that capacitors and power supplies are not
even on my fault finding list, though I do make an effort here to
photograph each and every capacitor to show off their shiny feet.

Read on.

Eyetech EZ-Tower - Down but not out.

If you plug an A1200 motherboard into the
power with just the mouse and an external
floppy drive she should boot.

The computer takes a while to boot without
an accelerator and or hard drive fitted.

So I plugged in the power, mouse and floppy
drive to check she was working OK.

And she booted just fine. Note the 3.1 ROM.

OK booting from DF1 so DF0:???? is to be expected.

This is a Rev 1.D.4. Motherboard. And that
is a Blizzard 1230IV plugged in.

3.1 ROM chips.

Flicker 'fixery' thingy Part 1.

Flicker 'fixery' thingy Part 2 though
not connected at this time. I am using
a black CDTV monitor today.

You know I have no idea what that
light brown thing is for. Must check.

This motherboard has the mouse port
plug in version which is a super good
idea. I use the EZ mouse adaptor so I
can use a PC mouse.

That is a blob of solder on the capacitor.

OK Capacitor check...

Nothing to report so far and she is
booting just fine.

Time to test for sound so I fire
up a bit of Arcade Snooker.

No problem there.

A base Amiga 1200 is super slow sadly
without an accelerator.

And what better than a Blizzard 1230IV.

That is much better.

And 32MB RAM so I am happy that the
motherboard is working fine. Time to
go drag the EZ-Tower onto the bench..

Oh woe ! Lucky me.

Be aware that no capacitors were harmed
in the making of this blog page !!

Read on Pt II

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